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My brain can't decided which way to look at this.

Bad news: The heater/air conditioner is dead. And, apparently, it was plotting a way to take us with it through carbon monoxide poisoning.

Good news: The heater people came out today and said they could have it fixed by tomorrow.

Bad news: Said "fixing" is actually replacing. As in, with a whole new unit. For about $6,000.

Good news: We are 9 days within the window to get a $1,500 tax credit for installing it.

Bad news: I still didn't have $4,500 lying the fuck around to spend on broken heaters!

Good news: I don't have to choose between the heater and, say, eating. We can afford it. It just hurts.

Bad news: It is COLD in the house right now. All the furniture is cold, so when you sit down on anything it gets worse.

Good news: Can make one room semi-habitable by hauling my parents' space heater into it.

Argh. Seriously, I know it could be a lot worse. We could be in the cold and the dark, along with all of Tulsa while an ice storm rages outside. We could not have parents who live down the street and will let us hang there as much as we want. We could be having to take out a loan to cover the cost of the new heater. It could have happened on Christmas Eve, leaving us in the cold for days. There are so many "could haves" out there, but the truth is that I still feel crappy about the whole thing. I want my house heated and I don't want to have to spend thousands of dollars to make that happen!

But that's not a choice. So I'm just going to try to remember that it could be worse. Grrrr.....

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OMG!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!! Bad heater! Bad bad heater! No suffocating my friends! *clings*

That said, I'm so glad everyone is okay and that it is fixable, albeit painfully. *winces* I'm so sorry. :(


Ouch! We just had to replace the blower motor in ours. Not quite to the same tune, but still quite the pinch.

But I'm glad that you can get it fixed and be warm. And not dead. You are way more fun alive than dead.

But I'm glad that you can get it fixed and be warm. And not dead. You are way more fun alive than dead.

Seconded. SO seconded.

Urrgh! Not cool. Well, exceedingly cool, just not in the good way. Glad you guys caught it before the coroners did!

Would sherry-drenched fruitcake help at all?

Yeeeeugh. I'm sorry. That STINKS. I loathe climate-control issues. ESPECIALLY expensive ones.

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