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Oh Dear
So it's Jorm's birthday today, and we had dinner with my folks and his. After dinner, my mom, my brother's friend, and I go into the kitchen to rinse off the dishes. And the following conversation ensues.

Mom: So, how did it go last night?

Me: It was GREAT! I had sex!

Mom: Really? Cool!

Me: Yeah, I had sex with Jareth. It was totally awesome. Of course, I had to get a little drunk first.

Mom: Why?

Me: Because it turns out I'm related to this evil sorcerer who caused a cataclysm that destroyed half the world and I'm feeling a little freaked out . . .

At this point, my brother's friend lets out this huge whoosh of air, and I realize that he's been staring at my mom and me with this confused/horrified expression. "Oh," he says in relief, "This is a game."

Apparently he'd been a tad concerned about the way I was blithely and excitedly telling my mom about how I'd had sex with someone not Jorm, while Jorm was sitting with his parents in the next room over, and the way my mom was acting like this was a really neato thing.

Atlantis, breaking into the real world one confused guy at a time.


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*laughs so hard the dogs are startled*

Oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh my GOD!!! That is so fucking awesome! *collapses into fits of laughter again*

Hah! That made me laugh. Hope your dogs are okay. :)


That's hilarious!!!!

I was certainly amused by it!

I LITERALLY just made a very loud gasp/snort/choking noise.

*dies laughing*

Oh god. Oh GOD.

Hee! The sad thing is, it really didn't occur to me that anyone would think what I was saying was weird.

Mr. Rosewood is amused. ;)

*arched Amice eyebrow*

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