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I will not talk about my roleplaying game to people who would be utterly uninterested in it. Like Jorm's mom. Or my interns.

I will not play its trailer's music in inappropriate places. Like work.

I will not work on parody songs about it in inappropriate places. Like work.

I will allow myself to talk loudly about it while walking through parking lots and at lunch with Jorm, however, because then I get to see him have to physically stop himself from getting randy with me in public. Because that's fun.

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Oh now, come on. Nobody is going to know what the music is for. Especially after I give you a whole 'nother album of their stuff tomorrow night. *grins*

And they'll never know what you are writing unless you tell them.

As for Jorm...Wish I could see it. Sounds utterly adorable. *VBG*


You two are So. Cute. OMG.

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